Parrot Nearly Falls Asleep During Relaxing Shower

Published August 31, 2018 9,894 Views $7.04 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch this video where this parrot is captured by the cameras in the privacy of the bathroom, while he is totally relaxed enjoying the water in the shower and the sound of the refreshing drops that run through his green feathers.

It seems that this little parrot likes to bathe and forget to peck things, to lock himself in the bathroom, to disconnect from the world and the stress that causes having to open so many sunflower seeds. We are sure that this parrot would feel great one day to be in a spa with its owner or just be at the foot of a refreshing waterfall on the shoulder of its owner. What a carefree parrot!

You will love this video when you see how adorable this parrot looks with its eyes closed in full relaxation thinking who knows what. For this parrot it is a lot of work to have to bathe with the help of its beak like a normal parrot .. Its owner has it very spoiled; because the parrot is used to taking his shower in the warm shower every afternoon, without anyone interrupting him until his relaxation session ends.

This parrot is so comfortable and relaxed that it practically seems that he has fallen asleep, at that moment his owner moves the hand with which he is holding the parrot a little bit to see if he is asleep. The lazy parrot opens his eyes a bit but you can tell he does not want to open his eyes; so he continues to try to return to his closed-eyed position and extreme relaxation without caring about anything else. Do not worry, friend, maybe in a while you can stretch your hand, when your little parrot decides to go for the cloth and dry his feathers!

We hope that for the next bath of this parrot, his owner will consider doing a hair massage on his feathers while keeping his eyes closed. That would be very funny! As far as we know the main characteristic of the parrots is that they are quite noisy and dancers but this video is exceptional. When have you seen a parrot with such behavior?

This civilized parrot takes his shower in the bathroom as it should be and do not be surprised if he does his other needs like brushing his beak in the sink. Wouldn’t that be great? We hope the parrot does not get upset because we invaded his privacy and now we all know the funny way in which this parrot bathes. Parrot opens his eyes and looks at the camera!

In this house people must make a long queue to bathe when they coincide in the bath time of this parrot; he needs his time alone in the bathroom like any other member of the family. It is a unique and surprising parrot! Or it has a very lazy beak to throw the water on? Either way this beautiful parrot looks very adorable taking its de-stressing bath.

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