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Great White Shark Rams Into Diver Cage

A massive great white shark curiously sticks its nose inside this diver's cage. Check out how big that thing is!

Shark week is something a lot of people look forward to during their time off from work. Perhaps it is the thrill of seeing a shark rip a prey apart with its huge jaws lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth.

Most people would prefer to stay at home and watch the chaos and destruction unfold from the safety of their lounge chairs. Nothing will ever beat reality, however, and as this video shows, the real danger is only a few thin metals bars away.

Sharks are a very curious creature most of the time, millions of years of evolution have evolved them into giant eating machines. However, they still prefer to know what they are eating before attacking.

Shark attacks only count for around 6 fatalities per year worldwide and approximately only 100 unprovoked attacks leaving injury or equipment/property damage.

While it's still technically safer to be in the ocean with sharks than to drive a car. Movies like Jaws has instilled a primal fear in most people, which is still present today.

The fear of swimming in a dark blue ocean where you're not only at the mercy of water and waves but also to all the animals living in the water below that you cannot see.

A small group of divers is submerged in a cage underwater in an attempt to view these large majestic creatures up close and personal. The camera swings left to right tracking a great white as it contemplates if the cage is something it is able to push through.

The shark gives the cage a nudge to see if it can be moved out of the way. The divers inside the cage can be seen ducking down low to avoid the shark as much as possible.

One diver has his hand near the edge of the cage when the great white turns to leave and he then ducks down low to avoid the curious great whites eyes.

The show is then soon over for these adrenaline junkies as the great white swims away, a visible sigh of relief is shown across the divers' faces.

The camera follows the great white shark as it slowly disappears back into the great blue sea. A flurry of smaller fish and nurse sharks can then be seen darting around in a panicked motion as they all could have fallen prey to the massive great whites appetite.

Luckily for the divers, the cage was strong enough to withstand the great whites weight pushing up against it. Giving them the best view in the house for their own personal Shark Week.

Perhaps this isn't something for the faint of heart, but the thrill of seeing such a creature up close and personal would be a once in a lifetime event for most people.

Would this be something you would like to try on your next holiday, or is simply sightseeing as risky as you want to be?

The raw power behind a great white shark is nothing to be sneezed at, they have been known bite chunks of out yachts and sink inflatable dinghy's.

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