Cat suddenly emerges from unexpected hiding spot

Published August 30, 2018 17,729 Plays $14.46 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWhile he was working away at the desk in the study, a man heard a very unusual sound coming from under the couch cushions behind him. The cushions were moving as if something was going to come out. Realizing that it could only be the family cat, he began to record. As expected, the cat began to claw her way out, appearing first as just a paw. Then a nose, then a face, and finally her whole body.

This couch is actually a pull out bed and the underside is a mattress that folds and stows under the cushions. It seems that Mitzy has discovered that the couch has a safe and secret space for her to crawl into and nap. She must have found this out by squeezing her face into the tiny gap between the cushions and the back of the couch.

Mitzy was actually a stray cat who found her way into this home when a basement window was briefly left open on a freezing cold winter night 11 years ago. Ironically, the family didn't realize what had happened until the Great Dane puppy began barking and clawing at the couch in the basement. One of the children went to investigate and said "There's an animal in the couch". This caused quite a reaction. The family carefully removed the couch cushions, expecting anything other than a scared young cat with wide eyes. She was so skinny and hungry that it was obvious that she was a stray who was looking for warmth on a bitterly cold night.

The cat had found a new home and now refuses to go outside. She and the Great Dane quickly found an understanding and the two got along well. Mitzy no longer needed to hide under or inside furniture. But it seems that Mitzy occasionally prefers the security of a hard to reach place and she sought out the inside of this new couch.

Watching a cat emerge from such a small and unexpected spot is a humorous experience.