Blind-Deaf Client performing Reach and Insert Activity

RecyclingOTPublished: August 29, 2018Updated: August 30, 2018
Published: August 29, 2018Updated: August 30, 2018

This sweet man is blind-deaf and cognitively impaired, but he enjoys insertion tasks, especially novel ones. He has been inserting objects into container openings for many years and he seemed to enjoy a new challenge--- reaching to remove the "clothespins" I made by cutting up plastic containers.
This activity works on:
1) exploring his environment
2) reaching with both hands
3) using one hand to stabilize the container while using the other hand to insert objects.

Notice that I attached golf balls with Velcro to the top of the table to insert into the containers round hole. The bucket functions as a 2 hole shape- sorter.

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