Traffic Comes To A Halt As Swan Family Crosses The Road

5 years ago

Animals and roads usually don’t mix. It’s not something you see every day. But when that happens, we always have a witness to capture that amazing moment when they do. While most animals avoid humans and roads, some gutsy swans recently threw caution to the wind and decided to do some walking.

Why did the herd of swans cross the street? So that they can be caught on video and become an Internet sensation! A swan family crosses the road in Copenhagen, Denmark in this awesome clip. Thanks to everyone who helped make sure they were able to cross safely! Such model citizens! Soon enough, one by one they start crossing and the cars stop for these feathery pedestrians!

They look like the Beatles on that crosswalk, only without the flare pants. If you are wondering why they didn’t just fly across, here’s an idea. Walking uses far less energy than flying. Conserving energy for fleeing danger and long migrations help them survive. Swans tend to walk to their feeding site from water. Since swans are grazing animals, they will do more walking than flying.

It’s really interesting to see all the people and all the cars near this family because even though swans are so gracious animals they aren’t the friendliest of creatures! It’s adorable to watch now, but it’s a good thing that these drivers were paying attention and let these little guys go! It’s good to know that we have such good drivers that pay attention to the road and didn’t disturb this big family making it to the other side!

Swans are close relatives to geese and ducks. There are approximately seven species of swans. There are the Black swan, Tundra swan, Mute swan, Black-necked swan, Trumpeter swan, the Bewick’s swan and the Whistle swan. Interesting, right?

Often seen gliding across lakes, the swan has long represented elegance and refinement. Swans are herbivores. Swans feed principally on sea-going vegetation, with their long necks enabling them to feast upon plants developing on river beds. They likewise eat little animals, for example, mollusks that stick to the vegetation, and little fish, frogs, and worms. Swans likewise will eat in fields, eating grass on the off chance that it is accessible.

This majestic and wonderful creature is outstanding for being effortless and very serene to take a look at. Regularly seen gliding cross lakes, the swan has since a long time ago spoke to elegance and refinement. There have even been well-known fairy tales written about swans – maybe you've heard one yourself. Do you know any stories about swans?

Did you know that swans can sleep on water and also on the ground? They can sleep while standing on one leg or while floating on water. They are majestic and beautiful to see, swans have their moments of aggression. So if you see a swan mother with her children it’s better to stay away from them and let them pass or let them do what they need to do because they are very protective of the little ones. So cool!

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