Little Girl Tells Dad To Take A Deep Breath To Calm Down

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Published: August 23, 2018

Life - some find it to be a wonder, others find it somewhat uninteresting, and still others find it absolutely impossible. Have you ever had something in your life go so terribly wrong, or a problem doesn't seem to ever have a solution? For everyone living on this planet, life is a journey, but only to a majority does that journey feel like one where you're trying to kayak against a river's current. We as human beings are becoming increasingly more effective problem-solvers and thinkers, many thanks to following the advice and building upon the accomplishments of the past. But, as much as past technological accomplishments furthered the development of technologies today, there is still one thing from the past that has a greater significance on the population today, and that's advice from the experience of the elderly.

Most likely since the beginning of our existence, humans have ensured the future of their offspring by sharing information and experiences that they have already encountered so that when certain situations arise, they will be prepared for whatever comes for them.This is why we continue to educate the future generation so that they can be prepared for, and think of better solutions to, certain events. Sometimes these events can be something as simple as learning how to ride a bike or a more efficient way to solve a math problem, or even managing your negative emotions, as a little girl will show you.

The video starts off with the camera facing a very young girl named Willow, who's so young and small that she still needs to sit in a car seat! Most of the time, we view children as the ones living the best lives; because they have absolutely no responsibility. Heck, have you seen a child have to stress out about whether or not they're gonna be able to pay the bills? But what many of us fail to realize way too often, is that kids have complex emotions too, and they too can become frustrated. In the video, Willow's father asks her to "tell him." We presume that perhaps Willow's dad was in a grumpy mood, and told him that she had some advice that her mother gave her when she was angry herself.

With a relaxed posture, cool expression, and neato sunglasses, Willow encourages her father to "have a deep breath, just calm down, and relaaaaax!" And not only is she repeating the wisdom she's gotten from her mother, she also lets her father know what this wisdom is for: "when you get mad." We felt an immense amount of pride for this little girl and how she knew what to do for her father's grumpy mood, despite being so young. This goes to show just how effectively we can pass on experience and wisdom to the future generation, be it technology, history, or even how to manage your emotions. We can continue to put our faith the population of the future, and it's all because of this sweet and smart little girl.

What are your thoughts? Did you learn anything new from someone who is definitely way younger than you? Do you have a little more faith in the future generation now? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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