Learn About Odd Sports From Around The World

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Published: August 22, 2018Updated: August 23, 2018

Are you into football? What about extreme ironing? These sports are certainly unusual.

Snowboarding is quite extreme, but have you ever heard of volcano boarding? It was a first for us before we came across this video! Riders that visit volcano slopes in Nicaragua use metal boards to slide down volcanoes. These brave daredevils go down the active volcano at up to 95 km per hour. Try not to get burnt while doing this, please!

If that was not weird enough, what say you about a sport called “octopush”? This sport was invented in the 195s, as a winter sport for scuba divers. The rules of the game are the same as those for ice hockey, but players wear speedos and goggles instead of skates and pads.

The Finnish love to carry their wives on their backs. The Wife Carrying Contest required a man to carry his female partner through a 250-meter obstacle course. But fear not mates, the standard prize for winning this odd contest is your partner’s weight in beer! Now we got it!

There are brave people in this world who do their ironing by themselves. And this is not any ironing, it is called extreme ironing because this sport has players going to strange locations to iron a shirt. Competitors have ironed on top of a massive mountain, while skiing, and wherever else they can think of. They have no excuses, do you?

Cheese Rolling in England. Since the 19th century, this event has seen players chase a wheel of cheese down a steep hill. The goal is to capture the cheese. Whoever wins keeps the cheese – along with several bumps and bruises.

Bo-taoshi is a Japanese sport that features as many as 300 players. Teams try to take down their opponent’s pole. Everything and anything is allowed. Players can kick, punch, or do whatever it takes to win.

Have you ever heard of chess boxing? Well, this sport can be won by checkmate or knockout. It is not strange, it is simply – French! It involves 11 four-minute rounds of boxing, with chess breaks in between.

India is famous for yoga, but now there is a new sport that combines yoga and skating – it is limbo skating! Competitors use roller skates to limbo under poles at high speed. In 2017, the world record was set by an eight-year-old who traveled 145 meters while limbo skating.

This list gets weirder and weirder and almost near the top is something called toe wrestling. Of course, it comes from England! This sport has players going toe-to-toe, literally. It was invented at a bar in 1974 after UK athletes failed to win any world sporting championship.

Wing walking is a US sport which dates back to the 1920s, and now has thrill-seekers standing on the wings of a plane during flight. You must remember those old black-and-white movies with the brave stunt people walking the wings mid-flight. Of course, you do! Do not worry about the wing walkers, they are strapped to the plane, so it is sort of safe.

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