Did Tucker Just Pull A "CNN" On Guest By Cutting The Mic?

Published August 22, 2018 285 Plays $0.61 earned

Rumble Carlson started Wednesday’s interview off with a straw-man, accusing Nowrasteh of espousing a view expressed by a professor who said on MSNBC this week that Mollie Tibbetts, the young woman allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant, was just “a girl from Iowa.”

Nowrasteh swatted that jab away, noting “this is definitely a horrible tragedy and I’ve not tried to minimize it in any way.”

The pair went on to spar over the crime rate of undocumented immigrants, with Carlson claiming that 44% of all federal inmates are non-citizens, and Nowrasteh explaining that “federal prisoners account for fewer than just 10% of all prisoners in the United States.”

The rest of the interview was a thrill and well worth the watch, before it came crashing to a halt.