Injured Bat Immediately Healed After Teen Takes Care Of It

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Rumble / Supernatural & ParanormalTyler Coates discovered a wounded bat while doing some yard work and decided to pray over it. What happens next is truly a miracle!

Who believes in miracles? It is only when you believe in them that you will start finding proof that in this life, miracles happen. Miracles happen every day but many of these are left unnoticed.

How do you personally define what a miracle is will set the boundary between what you would appreciate as a miracle. In other words, if you define a miracle as something that happens out of the blue with causes unexplained by scientific explanations then you will limit events and occurrences that are happening. Only those that happen without what the human mind considers an impossibility will be considered a miracle. But, if you define a miracle as anything so wonderful just like the birth of a baby, where new life and hopes are celebrated, or the survival of someone from a catastrophic event where no survivors are expected, then the scope of what would be considered as a miracle widens. It will embrace marvelous events; a phenomenon that is extraordinary although the cause is known; or events or occurrences that are unusual just like the healing of a cancer patient when an expert opinion is that the condition is terminal. Healing could be considered a miracle – just as what happened in this video.

As shown in this video, this teen, Tyler Coates found an injured bat in his yard. At first, he had no idea on how to help the bat until someone commented that he will pray over it. He did – and the bat started to move, flapped its wings and off it went. A miracle! An act of kindness by itself is a miracle. In this world we live in, some may have developed a level of ‘not my business’ attitude. Let the bat mind its own business. Maybe, it is just there taking rest, it will soon wake up and fly to a safer place. Or, some other people may have the ‘others will do it’ mindset. Leave it as is, someone else will do something about it. But this teen does not have these attitudes – he extended help and it worked!

Skeptical viewers may have another way of re-stating what just happened in the video. A teen found a bat that is sleeping on the ground. Bats are nocturnal and just like any nocturnal animals, they slumber deep during the day and are active in the night. Could it be that this bat just found a place on the ground to sleep? Then, when this teen touched it during the pray over, the bat was awakened because of the tactile stimulation and so it felt unsafe that is why it flew. But this version can also be disputed with the fact that bats have a highly developed sense of echolocation. Thus, when this boy was around figuring out what to do in order to help it, he was producing sound and with that, the bat could have already sensed it. When the boy put his hand over the bat and started praying, the bat could have already sensed the proximity of a human being.

Whatever skeptics say, one stands out to be an undisputed miracle – the act of kindness from a young heart. This act of kindness surely have touched another to stay kind and this passes on to an indefinite number. That surely is a miracle.


  • tootsteens, 1 year ago

    That was so kind of you - I guess many teens these days would not think of praying over an injured living organism :) God bless!

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  • Ty1ore, 1 year ago

    Wow this is pretty cool, I had no idea that this simple act of kindness would bless so many. I didn't get the opportunity to write this description and I just wanted to clear up a few things, especially for any skeptics, but the writer did a good job in getting into a different perspective. 1. The bat wasn't sleeping, it was in the middle of the yard, and if it was sleeping my dad would've been the first one to see it or even step on it, since he was by our shed (which you sorta see), also my dad told me that he felt something hit his shoulder before all of this, he thinks that he bat was in a tree and fell, and when it hit my dad shoulder it injured it, likely story. 2. I didn't touch it, I wasn't trying to be dumb and get bit and possibly turn what was a rescue mission, into a hospital visit, so I kept my distance, you can even see my finger hovering over the bat. 3. MOST BATS CAN'T TAKE OFF FROM THE GROUND???? this detail was something I was very unaware of, which just solidifies this more that this was not a coincidence, but truly something that defies nature. Much love y'all, thank you so much!

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