Aussie Puppy Thrilled To Play With His Reflection In Mirror

Published August 22, 2018 1,344 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHuxley Finn is having a showdown with his archenemy... His mirror reflection! Too cute!

A puppy sees himself in a mirror and thinks there's another puppy in the room! Hilarity ensues! Huxley Finn is so excited to meet his reflection for the first time. He has a lot to say to the puppy in the mirror! Too cute!

Check out this cute little puppy as he attempts to make contact with his reflection in the mirror. The cute little puppy notices his reflection in the mirror and immediately wants to play with it, thinking it's another dog! Fortunately, his reflection always plays back! He is almost beside himself. We are not only talking about crouching inviting positions for a run around the house, we are talking about hiding and bringing your favorite toy to your new best friend! Adorable!

When your dog looks in the mirror, what does he see? A playmate, maybe. An adversary, sometimes. But could he possibly recognize himself? For that matter, does a dog have a sense of ‘self’? This adorable footage of a curious puppy staring himself in the mirror for the first time had us in stitches. His reaction is both hilarious and extremely cute!

The mirror is a funny thing. Until you are old enough to understand the simple physics behind the plate of glass coated in a thin layer of metal able to reflect light back to you, looking in a mirror is like looking into a parallel universe. We use it to make ourselves presentable when we go out in public. The little ones use it to have some innocent fun and we love to watch them at it!

Kids aren’t the only ones who love watching themselves in the mirror - puppies do it too! Watch as this curious little pooch tries to befriend his reflection in the mirror! Most likely, this was his natural reaction to seeing ‘something’ in the mirror. He tried to outsmart the other puppy in the mirror but became perplexed when the mirror-puppy mimicked his every move.

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