Funny Dog Chases Laser Pointer Like A Cat

Published August 21, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Funny dog + Laser Pointer = Happy Feet! Laser dot chasing is such funny videos classic, and an absolute must see that each time I run into a new one I know, I’m up for a treat! But the one we have here goes further than that. It’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it out! This video shows an adorable dog who is having loads of fun chasing a red laser pointer dot on the floor. His human friend is moving it pretty fast, but that doesn’t discourage this cheerful pup at all! The faster the dot moves, the happier he gets! LOL! Just look how he scratches the floor and runs in circles trying to get it! I bet he could do this all day long! I mean, who needs to go outside and play fetch when you can get a laser pointer and run your dog indoors as long as he likes! LOL!