Angry Chihuahua tries to steal another dog's bed

Published August 21, 2018 127 Views $0.82 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis little Chihuahua mixed-breed dog has a big ego and is always trying to steal the other pup’s bed, her bones, and her food. She tries hard to send him the message to leave her alone but he won’t be deterred and he won’t back down as usual. He gets involved and starts snarling like a little jerk and nobody wants to deal with that. The other dog just wants to go to bed unbothered however he won't stop and takes the middle of the bed and most of her precious blankets too! She loves her blankets and he tends to chew holes in them so she knows if he spends too much time in the bed she’ll lose her blankets for good when her mom throws them away.

The bed is big enough for both dogs to cuddle but he has to be in the middle of it and she gets really frustrated with him. Then he starts making his little gremlin sounds and baring his teeth at her. She isn’t threatened she is just annoyed because she knows when he starts acting like that he always gets his way. Little dogs usually do. She is clearly annoyed with him and it’s not fair but she isn’t going to be mean about it and kick him out. She chews her foot for a while trying to calm herself down. She whines as if to say “Fine. He can stay. But I am not happy about it.” He stares at the camera evidently very proud of himself, and then at her when she lays down to try and sleep with him there in her spot. Maybe for a moment he feels bad but probably not. He’s a little bully and always pushes around the bigger dogs with his little temper tantrums.

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