[Be Amazed] Dog Solves Math Problems For Treats

Published August 21, 2018 86,732 Views

Rumble Every dog owner knows that dogs would do literally anything for a treat. But did you know that certain dogs are willing to learn how to add numbers in order to impress their owners for some extra treats! If you think that’s impossible, you have to watch this video! Prepare to have your mind blown! The woman starts off with the easiest question, one plus one. The doggy taps her hand twice with his paw. He’s correct! But then, she makes it hard with two plus three. The dog touches her hand five times while staring at the doggy treat he’s about to devour! Amazing! Good boy! Not only does he know all the numbers, but he can do addition as well. This little dog’s maths skills are impressive! He definitely deserves all the treats he can get! And to be honest, this white doggy is better in maths than most of the kids we know!