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Border Collie Enthusiastically Watches Himself Win Agility Competition On TV

Kirk the Border Collie won the 2017 Small Dog Agility competition at the 2017 Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals hosted by Purina Pro Plan. Here we see her excitedly watching herself on TV as if reliving her incredible moment! Awesome!

You should be proud of your accomplishments, especially when you’re Kirk the Border collie and scored first place in the 2017 Small Dog Agility competition. Kirk excitedly watches a replay of his competition run at the “Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals” in 2017 hosted by Purina Pro Plan. It’s adorable how excited Kirk gets watching himself on the television. Cute!

Border Collies are excellent at competitions and are easily trained in order to compete. Historically, Border Collies are known for their farming work, they easily trained to follow commands and be able to run and herd animals, such as sheep, pigs, or cows. They originate in the north of the British Isles, and the name probably describes the Anglo-Scottish border where the dog comes from. The first dog competition with Border Collies occurred in 1873 in Bala, North Wales, where shepherds and farmers would compete for different working dogs in order to evaluate their effectiveness and compatibility with the farmers. These trails are still used today sometimes, where dogs must be directed around obstacles and have to herd sheep around a course that is as large as 800 meters. This competition between shepherds and farmers has also eventually evolved into the dog competitions that we know today.

We see Kirk in the video jumping around and energetically watching himself compete. Border Collies are known for their successes in sports. Border Collies are easily motivated and due to their tracking abilities are easily trainable which makes them great at dog show competitions. They are known for dominating dog agility competitions, especially in the high jump competitions; so much so, that in some competitions they have a separate competition just for Border Collies and a competition for all other dogs. Border Collies have an acute sense of smell which aids their excellent tracking abilities, there are competitions where the dog uses mainly smell in order to find a lost person in a controlled situation, and Border Collies are excellent at these types of competitions. In addition to dog agility competitions, due to their quickness and tracking skills, they are excellent at flying disk and flyball competitions. In addition, since Border Collies are easily trained there are many famous Border Collies to appear on TV besides Kirk. Some examples are the Rex and Fly which appeared in the 1995 movie Babe, and Bandit from the television series Little House on the Prairie.

It’s great to see Kirk the Border Collie enjoying his success of winning the dog competition. We see Kirk so excited, jumping around, watching himself compete on television and win in the Small Dog Agility competition in 2017. Hopefully, Kirk will go on to win more dog competitions so we can have more adorable reaction videos from him. Adorable!

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