Painting Produces Satisfying Sounds

Published August 20, 2018 522 Views

Rumble / Creative VisualsLayers of paint and tape are peeled away with a satisfying snap to reveal a colorful design underneath. A satisfying ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) video from the art studio of Minneapolis artist Jennifer Davis.

Can you create happiness? Can you reach satisfaction all on your own?

Many think that happy people are those that life is kind and generous that they have all things that will make them happy: people who are lucky that events in their lives are favorable and great. Perhaps, only a few reach the realization that happiness and satisfaction is a response. Talking about the response, it implies a stimulation. An inevitable conclusion – if someone can create that stimulation which elicits the desired response, then "happy" can be created.

Connecting the above discussion to the video here – What is ASMR? It is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Simply said, it is a self-directed heightened response, a sensory response. Needless to say that with the word sensory, it implies the use of our five senses. Simplifying ASMR, it is about stimulating our senses to have an elated reaction. A happy reaction. Now, the link is clear – it is possible to self-stimulate happiness. You do not need a thousand likes in your social network post in order to make yourself happy or win a lottery to be elated. You can do some simple sensory stimulation to feel happy, just like what is shown in this video with thin layers of a painting by Jennifer Davis.

While watching this video, what did you feel? First, recall what you were feeling just before watching this video. Were you sad, feeling down or depressed or were you already feeling happy just before viewing? Then now, you can evaluate what is the effect of this video to you. If it made you happy, the more interesting question is why did it make you happy?

Looking at a painting elicits a response. When you are looking at a painting that portrays grief, it will make you feel the same emotion or feeling that is being portrayed. This holds true with this painting here. Look closely at the choice of colors – it is a brightly colored painting which will surely brighten you too. The designs are simple geometric designs – no complicated figures that require the brain to work on figuring it out or comprehending it. No complex patterns that may remind one of their difficult times in Geometry class. It is a calming painting. Moreover, the more exciting part of it is having the opportunity of changing the designs by peeling off the tapes on the painting. That is truly satisfying. Everyone feels happy with the sense of control and witnessing beautiful changes. It is just like watching a magnificent sunset where the color changes majestically before our eyes. The change that one is witnessing is something pleasant and it is presented in a mode of discovery – peel it off to discover what is beneath.

Summing up, this ASMR painting is satisfying because of the different factors involved – one, it is brightly colored with simple and uncomplicated designs. Secondly, it provides a sense of control. Third, it provides one to witness a positive, pleasant and wonderful change. Fourth, it offers suspense and discovery. Truly, it is an amazing work of art that stimulates one to feel happy.

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