DIY: Clothespins Activity to Build Fine-Motor Skills

RecyclingOT Published August 20, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Do-It-Yourself clothespins can be used in many different activities with children or adults with or without disabilities. Your children will love watching you recycle plastic containers to make their toys!

The video shows the metal CD stand I found at a yard sale. It seemed perfect for attaching either purchased or home-made clothespins. Some individuals love color matching and others may prefer simply removing them.

The individual in the video has a lot of energy so I scattered the plastic pins on the floor for him to gather up before attaching. The metal stand is removed when he is finished to avoid accidentally throwing it.

Option: Try tying cord across the room to attach the “clothespins”. Reaching to attach or remove them is great exercise for elderly individuals or anyone who benefits from reaching activities. Residents in nursing homes may enjoy this, too!

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