Hilarious Goat Walks About A Stable With Pool Noodles On Its Head

Published August 20, 2018 534 Views $0.65 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThough generally calm and friendly companions, goats may sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior towards both people and other animals as well. In these cases, a solution must be found so that both parties are able to safely function around one another. Sometimes, extensive training is necessary to eliminate the goat's aggressive behavior but sometimes all it takes are a couple of pool noodles.

In this video, we can see how a man has successfully utilized some pool noodles, measuring and cutting them up so that they would fit the goat's horns perfectly. This, though incredibly hilarious, helped in providing protection and ensuring safety around the sometimes too playfully aggressive goat.

Despite the fact that some goats never show any signs of aggression and are perfectly content around their owners or other livestock or domestic pets, all goats possess different personalities and some may be meaner than others.

Aggression in goats can vary from disobeying and showing no respect to their owners to even biting, kicking, jumping and pushing with their horns. In these situations, it is important to remember that goat's hooves and horns are incredibly sharp and may inflict serious injuries in a matter of seconds. Therefore, owners must be careful when handling these goats and children or other pets must be supervised around them.

Then, if the goat continues to behave in an aggressive manner, proper training will be necessary to ensure that the aggression does not develop even further and completely get out of control. The goat will have to learn to show trust and respect for its owners and to remain calm at all times.

Nonetheless, such training may take some time and patience but in the meanwhile, other materials may be used to protect both the goat and those around it. Bumping into things and constantly pushing objects around may damage the goat's horns and of course may cause major injuries to people around them.

A popular way of ensuring safety in the barn is isolating the goat's horns with certain materials. Those materials can range anywhere from duct tape or tennis balls being placed on top of the horns to using pipe insulation or pool noodles to cover the entirety of the horns.

And, while this does not completely eliminate the goat's aggressive behavior, it can provide a temporary fix that is completely harmless to the goat. If applied correctly, it will ensure safety as the goats will no longer be able to utilize their horns to cause damage to themselves and others around.

Additionally, not only do people use such protection for exclusively aggressive goats but well-behaved ones as well. Given that goats may easily get stuck in fences or bump into other inanimate objects, horn protection can help with such issues as well.

If you have a mischevious and decide to go down this path, you will be guaranteed endless laughter as you see your goat strolling around with brightly-colored pool noodles on top of its head just as the little trouble-maker from the video above.