Omarosa Accuses Pres. Trump Of Wanting To Start A Race War

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Published: August 19, 2018

On Sunday, former top White House aide and reality star villain Omarosa Manigault ripped into President Donald Trump and accused him of wanting to start a race war.

It happened during a conversation with Rev. Al Sharpton on MSBNC.

“You know, when he called me that dog, I thought it was clear evidence, one, that he has absolutely no respect for the presidency,” Manigault said, referring to Trump’s tweet that came in the wake of Manigault’s new book UNHINGED.

She continued on: “It was such a vulgar slur, and can you just imagine if he would say that publicly what is he saying about me and other African Americans privately. It just really makes the point that Donald Trump is not equipt to serve in the role that he is in. In fact, I would say he is unfit to serve as president of the United States.”

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