Horses showing complete joy will warm your heart

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHorses are among the most loved creatures on earth. Their sheer size and power inspire respect and admiration and the sight of them in a run across a meadow is simply breath taking. And yet, despite their strength, they possess a gentleness that speaks to our souls. It's no wonder that time spent with a horse can evoke such a wide range of emotion. To ride one can be an exhilarating experience. To simply stand quietly beside one can be therapeutic and magical. To walk among horses grazing in a pasture and feel their acceptance is something unforgettable.
This collection of beautiful moments is sure to touch anyone's heart.

We can see from above, the majesty of The Mane Intent horses at a gallop through flowers and long grass on a summer day. It's horses at their most awesome, running happily together just for the sheer joy of running. Then we see Felix, a three week old foal, running and jumping as he tests out his new legs beside his mother, Fling. He hasn't got an ounce of fear and his energy is endless, as his excitement at being part of such a beautiful farm. Belle, an enormous Clydesdale with eyes the color of a bright, blue sky shows us what horse ecstasy looks like. She and her herd have just made a full speed trip around one of the meadows on her farm and she's rolling and munching grass, so happy to be experiencing a perfect day in the sunshine. Blaze can be seen happily slurping apple juice, shared by a cyclist who stops to visit him as he rides past. Blaze insisted on checking out the bottle and it was a surprise that a horse understood how to drink from one.

We also see Prinz Harry showing us his skills with a giant ball in a round pen where he works. Harry was a race horse who found a higher purpose at The Mane Intent where horses connect with people to teach them new skills, or to help them with healing after traumatic circumstances. Harry has a playful nature and a sense of humor. He has a special gift for connecting with first responders in a truly magical way that leads them toward the healing that they need.

Among the herd at The Mane Intent, we can see Samson, a mighty Clydesdale as he trots into the meadow, an then later as he munches grass in the outside stall. Samson also has a gift for helping those who need it. Despite his massive and powerful physique, he shows a vulnerable side, and he invites those with patience and understanding to experience how gentle and supportive a massive creature like him can be.

In an unusual moment, Felix lies on the ground and cuddles with his new friend while Fling, his very tolerant mother looks on. Her trusting nature is obvious as she allows such close contact with her new baby. Who could resist giving Felix a belly rub? It's as if he is an affectionate puppy.

From a horse's perspective, we catch a glimpse of the herd in full gallop as Samson follows with a small camera on his halter. This footage shows us a horse "stampede" from the inside. What follows is a quick glimpse of this same mighty steed following the herd through the grass. We even get a quick look at him enjoying a little face and head massage on a winter's day. His eyes close dreamily as he almost becomes relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Samson, Raven, and Belle, all three Clydesdales keep cool in the shade as they are fed fresh grass through the window of the shelter. It's hard to keep up with three Clydesdales as they munch away. There are 11 horses in their incredible herd and each of them have a special gift and a way of making connections with people when they need it most.

Each of the horses in this video has a unique personality and each one lives in a truly beautiful home that would make any horse happy and content. They all enjoy people and their happiness is undeniable.

If you have an opportunity to spend time with a horse, you will undoubtedly learn something if you are sharp enough to pick up on it. And you will possibly experience a connection that will touch your soul in some way.

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