Playful Dogs Make It Impossible For Owner To Workout

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Do you want to venture into the fitness world but you have no idea how, do you want to perform your exercise routine from the comfort of your home? Well do not wait any longer because we have the perfect coach for you, you will have to have a very creative mind to follow the rhythm and guess their movements since this coach is accompanied by his canine team - Merengue, Canela and Choco, that no doubt are his support material - not to do the exercises but to sabotage his workout with their playfulness.

Coach Mick tries every day to carry out an exercise routine in order to help his followers through home videos that explain how to make a series of exercises at home. However, it seems impossible to fulfill his mission on a daily basis because his terror team consisting of three short-haired German Pointers led by Canela the mastermind behind the operation, "distract our owner" with his minions Merengue and Choco, two male pointers that are two and a half years old.

These three canines have a mission to fulfill, which consists of a single objective: to distract Mick away from his real attempts to get down to some workouts. Of course, these little doggos earthquakes are confused by the actions that their owner is doing, since he tries to do a series of arm push-ups that without a doubt have not been successful thanks to his "terror team".

This trainer believes that he can find a way for his canine team not to interrupt his work, moreover, he wants to teach them so that as well as practicing this special routine for humans, dogs can do it and what better way than to convert their pets to pupils in order to achieve this feat. Mick has to use his wit and patience because these puppies only want one thing and that it is to have fun!

At first Merengue, Canela and Choco have no idea what his master is trying to do. Cinnamon believes that Mick is playing with her and wants him to be placed under him, then Merengue looks for his favorite toy because he believes that his owner is inviting him to play, and Choco finally thinks that his master has a lizard complex and wants him to pursue it. There is no doubt that Mick's plan has failed, thank goodness that he is dedicated to physical training for humans and not for pets, because it would be all embarrassing and make us laugh at the entire canine community in eastern Michigan.

Without thinking, the trio of terror (Merengue, Canela and Choco) fulfilled their mission, prevent Mick from ignoring them so that he plays with them, as well as having fun meanwhile, because there is nothing better than for these canine brothers to spend a very energetic day, full of tricks, barks, jumps, but especially in the company of his beloved owner, Mick. Because there is no better way to spend the mornings than making mischievous things to its owner. Woof!

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