4 years ago

Alaskan Malamute Ransacks Garbage And Shows No Remorse

"Did you do it?"


"Are you sure you didn't do it?"


"Who did it?"

"He did!"


"The guy in the caaaage!"

"You're telling me that your brother, the one in the doggy crate, made this mess?"

"OhhhOhOhOh YES!"

And so goes the legendary dialogue that malamute owners worldwide exchange with their thick pelted pets. There is no dog more humanly vocal than the malamute. Even when being disciplined, they are loyal to their master to a fault. As a breed that's trained to follow regulation and live by the pecking order of the pack, the malamute is extremely reliable in the presence of its family.

Unfortunately, as many 'mute owners can attest, these dogs have a problem when left alone. All that loyalty goes right out the door when the owner's away. This owner is lucky, because he can pick up the pieces, sweep up the mess. People who live on farms with livestock such as chickens, ducks, or turkeys may have experienced a serious dark side to these creatures that do look like, and sometimes behave like, the wild cousin from which they are descended, the wolf. The malamute is a dog that requires socialization at an early age, not just with other dogs, but with all manner of animals, and yes, even babies and other children. Let’s stress that you really want your malamute to see your neighbor’s kids as part of the pack, and not the competition.

As a creature that was bred to traverse vast, lonely expanses of land in the far north, the malamute doesn't shy away from long distance solo voyages. They are known to just take off, and sometimes be found dozens of miles away. If your ‘mute does return on its own, that can be a week or two, and you may have given up on ever seeing her again, when one Saturday morning you open the front door to get the paper, and there she is, curled up on the doormat, whacking her tail on the steps, giving you that forlorn apologetic look. You say, “C’mon in,” like it’s no big deal, because after a week or two AWOL, what can you really do?

The malamute has so many human-like characteristics that we must take the good with the bad. Because—need we say? Its human caretakers aren’t exactly angels, either. In the language of the dog, acting out is always telling you something. It doesn’t understand why you would leave it alone for so long. There is something else important that needs to be said about the malamute. It is an animal that does best outdoors. They can overnight with their family in the house, but they need daily outdoor time. They love to run, and it’s no surprise to anyone who has ever walked a malamute, pull like the sled dog they are. One other curious thing about the malamute is that has two kinds of fur: hair, and a thick wool-like pelt that can be brushed out and even knitted into a sweater. Needless to say, this is a dog that excels in colder climates, and has no problem dealing with ice and snow.

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