Flash Mob Of Sea Lions Is Closely Interacting With Scuba Divers

5 years ago

These incredible marine mammals are not only adorable and graceful but are also highly intelligent and extremely friendly, making them the perfect companions for any diving enthusiast. Their energetic and playful nature is guaranteed to turn anyone's trip underwater into an unforgettable experience.

This fascinating video showcases one such incredible encounter in which scuba divers are met by a group of sea lions, eager to interact with them in various ways, including swirling around them and nibbling on their heads. Though their behavior may seem intrusive at first, it is simply their playful personality shining through which has earned them the name of "sea puppies".

Those who decide to partake in this adventure will soon experience the curious and gentle nature of these friendly mammals and will be able to admire them up close in their natural habitat. Given that sea lions are highly social animals, they can often be seen swimming in large colonies. Therefore, upon entering the water, divers may expect to immediately encounter a large group of curious spectators who want to get a close look at their new visitors.

The sea lions in these situations will most likely swim up to and around the divers or even come face to face with them. Some, on the other hand, might remain cautious and merely pop up behind rocks and corals to get a quick glance at the new creatures surrounding them before building trust and finally greeting them.

Their curious nature may sometimes make them come across as intimidating due to the fact that they will often come quite close to the divers, swirl around them, push them around a bit, nibble on their suits or even the top of their heads just as the one in this video. This may then cause some panic or apprehension on the divers' side, but it is important to remember that all of this is completely harmless as sea lions present no threat to humans.

Many places around the world offer diving with sea lions as one of the most popular activities both with tourists as well as locals. Given that it does not require past experience, anyone is able to partake in this adventure and will be properly informed by their guides in order to make the divers as prepared as possible and the dive a wonderful and unique experience in the crystal clear shallow waters where these adorable marine animals reside.

Those who wish may also take photos or video footage of their underwater trip which will always serve as a reminder of this incredible adventure. Therefore, if you are a fan of diving, snorkeling or any other water activity but you are scared to take the big plunge and take part in shark cage diving, then this is the perfect activity for you.

Just one encounter with these magnificent animals will make you fall in love with them and the beauty of their underwater habitat which is guaranteed to turn your scuba diving experience into an unforgettable adventure.

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