Epic Underwater Selfie With Great White Shark

Published August 15, 2018 10,748 Plays $9.68 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis diver manages to get an awesome selfie with a massive Great White passing by in the background. How cool is that?

Nowadays taking selfies is already a common passion, nay - a new obsession that has taken humanity like a storm! People do selfies literally everywhere, in all accessible and inaccessible places, the second ones being far more appealing as they get the "wows" and "no ways" on all social media platforms. In the end, we have heard the old adage so many times: a picture says a thousand words.

Now, imagine what adventure, what hair-raising thrill and excitement it would be if you want to take a selfie with nothing less but a Great White Shak. Yep, you read well, this is the protagonist everyone runs away from in movies (Jaw's music running in the background, can't you hear it?) and our crazily, madly, insanely brave diver just went into the great depths of the sea to capture a selfie with this prehistoric monsters!

Yes, of course, he is in a cage, but for our mega predator, weighing 1.5 tons and a length of 5 meters with murderous 5-centimeter teeth-daggers, cages are nothing but trinkets to toss around like a puppy tosses a fluffy keychain pendant.

Look at the shark turning ominous circles around the cage. At one short moment, it really appears to grin for a selfie - just like in the cartoons, where ocean predators are posing to create these horrific images.

It is very difficult to get this chance to purposefully (and safely) get face to face with the most dangerous and ancient predator of the planet, and even more difficult than it may seem at first glance, to make photos and videos in its habitat. But after the moment of shock and adrenaline overload passes you realize that these selfies are unique and unique!

Our underwater hero shot a video-selfie with a Great White Shark. Surely, anyone would take him for a madman, but in his own way, he tries to convey his idea to people. After all, it is the social media sphere that attracts the most attention and it is to it that it addresses. He wants to tell us all to live our lives to the fullest and "carpe diem".

For those of you who are still gripped in fear of sharks, relax, they are not always so scary. To prove you this, we attached another video on the link here which shows a seal chases down Great White Shark off the coast of a vay. A mere seal. You know, seals are usually supper for sharks. Watch!

This tough marine mammal got to be nicknamed after one of Hollywood’s most famous martial artists, because he was not having it from his natural enemy! The crew on a cage-diving boat caught on camera what can only be described as a “once in a lifetime experience", when they witnessed a seal chase down a Great White Shark off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa in early October.

“We're going to call him Chuck Norris!" says one of the men on the boat, as he points his camera towards the water, which follows the shark close by. The aquatic predator doesn’t seem all too interested with the pray at its heels. 'Seal chasing a shark, never thought I'd see the day,' the man filming adds. Watching the bizarre encounter, the crew members joke that maybe sharks in Mossel Bay are actually vegetarians, because why would a shark “run away’ from a nice, plump seal that is right there, basically serving itself on a platter. “Juicy seal around you and these sharks aren't even interested."

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