Heartwarming Playtime Between Dog And Cat

Published August 15, 2018 2,038 Views $1.08 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWho said that dogs and cats can not be good friends? We invite you to watch this fun video where a nice dog called Bruiser is playing happily with a very loving kitten called Bella. The video shows how both pets enjoy a fun game in the living room of the house. This tender game is full of hugs and small blows between them, but without hurting themselves because you can tell they are very fond of each other.

Bruiser moves his tail as a sign of happiness and fun; while playing with his best friend Bella who also seems to have a lot of fun seeing the eloquent Bruiser with so much desire to play, bothering the cat to keep up with her pace and also continue with the game throwing herself one on top of the other.

Bruiser and Bella are undoubtedly the best friends and they know how to have fun anywhere and anytime. It only takes one of the two to stumble or swipe at the other to start the action and both roll on the carpet like two small children.

These unruly pets are not the typical cat in the armchair sleeping all day and the dog that plays only with humans in the yard. Well these two lovely pets get along very well, maybe this is because they have been together since babies and have managed to fix their differences to forge a beautiful relationship of dog and cat.

That's friends! Bruiser and Bella are good companions, they are like siblings and sometimes the games can get out of control and end in strong arcades and bites; but Bruiser and Bella know how to play healthy and if they actually got to fight, it would only take a "Reconciliation shirt" to get them both and thus be reconciled as they should be.

Both pets are very charismatic and they show it in this video. We are sure that their owners love having them at home and watching them play energetically on the carpet in their home while they show affection to each other; something that is very adorable and surprising. Bella shows that cats are not as hateful as they seem and that they not only have the face of wanting to conquer the world, but they also show that they can conquer hearts.

Seeing the animals assemble such a close and affectionate relationship is something we like to see, both can protect each other and accompany each other. Let's hope that Bruiser does not disappoint the doggy fraternity for playing so lovingly with his enemy of nature, "the cats" But this belief does not apply to the tender "Bella" who is undoubtedly a very friendly cat and knows how to tame any brave dog with her tender eyes and soft paws.

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