Adorable Otter Loves His Fresh Bedding

Published August 15, 2018 681 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is the adorable Asian short-clawed otter, also called the oriental small-clawed otter from the Twycross Zoo in England. Coming out of his den he went straight for his new fresh bedding, a pile of straw. He shows the love for it like us humans do when we just cannot wait to snuggle up in our freshly washed bedding.

As a human poll suggested it was first on the list of things that made you feel good. It is no different with this cute Otter. He just loves to snuggle and wiggle in his straw and in the process he probably leaves his scent for the others to tell them: "This is my bed"

Just look at his face, he is really loving it. Looking up into the camera in between, before he puts is head in to straw and wiggles it about. Once he gets himself in a great sleeping position he quickly dozes off, curled up in a ball on his straw. Sleep tight, sweet dreams little Otter.

Imagine jumping into your freshly made bed, clean sheets warm from drying them, smelling nice and fresh. That sounds amazing, right? Have you ever wondered how animals feel about their bedding? Do they get as excited as us to climb into bed after a long day and get nice and cozy? We think they do and we can use this video as proof for it.

Obviously, many animals are much different and require different bedding then us humans. Maybe your pet dog has a little dog bed and blanket, or maybe they even sleep on the bed with you. Something as simple as some straw can be cozy to an animal.

In this video, this cute little Asian short clawed otter is given some new bedding and crawls out to give a nice test run!

Asian short-clawed otters, also known as Asian small clawed otters, can live up to about 15 years. No wonder they value their sleeping situation just like us! 15 years is a lot of nights where your going to be laying in bed, having some cozy straw to lay on is probably important for this cute little otter. Sleeping is so important for all living organisms, from humans to otters to bears, we all need our sleep to recover from the day. In fact, polls have shown that sleep and having a comfortable night’s rest is one of the things people most look forward to and is one of the ways to make someone feel their best! Seems like our otter friend was maybe polled as well!

This little Asian small-clawed otter can be found at the Twycross Zoo located in Leicestershire, England. That is quite a-ways from home! The cute otter was just given some fresh straw outside its den and the reaction of the little furry animal was recorded. As it walks out of its rock den, it sees the straw and immediately gets its whole body in the straw. It put on a quite the show for the Zoo visitors as it wiggles all around and makes sure to put every part of its body on every last straw. It even decides to lay on its back and squirms around, trying to find the perfect comfortable spot. The otter also makes sure to get his scent all on its new bed. I’m sure just like humans, it doesn’t want to come to its bed to find someone else laying in it. This will make sure the other otters can smell the straw and realize this bed has been claimed!

You can tell this otter is having a blast with his new bed. Constantly squirming and repositioning himself trying to get it just right, kind of like working in a new mattress! Once that perfect spot is found though, you can see this adorable otter start to doze off as its eyes are becoming heavy and it likes those small paws. Finally, this little otter rolls up in a ball and dozes off for some much-needed rest. I mean who doesn’t love a good nap!