Goofy Cat Naps In An Awkwardly Comfortable Position

Published August 14, 2018 6,368 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensLook at this kitten named Butters who in the next video is caught in his routine nap on the couch facing the sun. Butters likes to sleep on the couch! But the sun is so bright that the sleeping kitten has to hide his face and dig it in the cushion of the sofa. The important thing is that there is no doubt that Butters is very comfortable!

The little Butters loves to sunbathe, without making the effort to go out into the garden; and the best thing is that he does it while he sleeps peacefully. Cats love to sleep a lot, but few do with a ray of sunshine in front of them. Butters is unique!

The sleeping style of this beautiful kitten is something particular, this addition to the drama that puts his owner with the background music of an acoustic guitar, while focusing on his beautiful white and yellow fur with his small face nailed to the sofa, is very fun and adorable.

The video focuses on our protagonist Butters, the sleeping kitten with ostrich complex, who likes to sunbathe inside the house while burying his small face with his mouth half open on the sofa. What an adorable kitten! The part where the camera captures something that padded the end of the leg of Butters will be the most tender and fluffy you'll see today, I assure you!

This sweet kitten has a beautiful coat that no one would hesitate to caress repeatedly while on the couch watching TV. Butters seems to be a lazy kitten but very affectionate and quiet, a kitten who likes to sleep without caring that he might be recorded but let him sleep to his liking. How cute!

Thinking about how comfortable Butters is, this kitten could use a small mask to sleep so that the sun would not bother him, and he would not have to bury his face on the couch in that funny way. Just imagine that it gives me an overdose of tenderness. Butters has a character!
In the video, it seems that Butters loves and hates the sun's rays, it's something contagious. Butters does not want to tan his face, he's too lazy for that; but he wants to keep his body warm and somehow this makes him sleep soundly - this little one is an unusual cat.
It is evident in the video that Butters has that part of the sofa as his favorite side of sleeping and sunbathing, because only that area of ​​the sofa is full of hairs that stick on that place to mark his territory, and that nobody else takes his place from the comfortable and sunny cushion of the room.

We hope that the few seconds of the video will draw a cheerful smile, and that the soft Butters has captivated you with his peculiar way of sleeping. Do not save the video just for you! Share it with your friends, family and acquaintances so that they also fall in love with little Butters. Also, if you have any opinion about the lovely video, please feel free to comment below.