DIY Chandelier Made From Hundreds Of Can Tabs

Published August 14, 2018 3,677 Views

Watch this chandelier being built from nearly 1,000 upcycled can tabs. It took about 2 weeks to form enough chains and another week to build. String lights were added to the inside hoop for lighting. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love a nice DIY project? DIY, also known as Do It Yourself, is very popular among people who decide to do something themselves instead of hiring someone to do a service or making a good instead of buying it. These type of projects definitely leave you with a sense of accomplishment for your new item or skill. This video is all about making a chandelier. This is no ordinary or extravagant chandelier, this chandelier is made entirely from the tabs taken off of cans. That is some serious commitment to collect enough tabs and have the patience to build it! Definitely one of the more interesting DIY projects I have seen.

This video is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good DIY project and maybe it will even inspire you to have a soda can tab chandelier of your own. Seems like a great way to introduce guests into your home!
The person in the video documents how they built this chandelier. It is sped up as I am sure this process took many hours to complete. According to the video, it took two weeks to collect the number of can tabs necessary to build this chandelier, and it took about a week for the build. Apparently, there were over 1000 tabs used for the building of the chains. That is some serious dedication for this chandelier! Hopefully, not too much soda sugar was consumed in the making of this chandelier!

The process begins with the woman taken all her tabs and turning these into the chains you see on normal chandeliers. She uses these small metal circles to link together this aluminum can tab and after so many tabs, this creates one chain. She makes quite a few chains as this is quite a decent-sized chandelier. Next, she has these circular holders that the chain will wrap around. This will give the chandelier some structure and she decides to paint it a silver color to match the tabs! Screws, obviously silver in color to match the theme, were inserted into the circular structure holders. The aluminum tab chains will be attached to the screws so they can hang from the circular holders and finally start to look like a chandelier.

Once she hangs this from the ceiling, is when the chandelier really begins to look good. As it hangs from the ceilings, she starts to drape the chains over it a nice design and pattern. She hangs some chains through the middle that really makes it look like an elegant aluminum tab masterpiece! Obviously, there is one final piece missing, the lights! No chandelier is complete without some lights. She has these little battery powered lights attached to a string. She decides to wrap these on the inside of the hoops and it looks great reflecting off the soda can tab chains. This is a perfect little creation for subtle use around the house or in your relaxation room where you can hang around with some friends. They might even be astounded and impressed by the new DIY chandelier!

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