Baby Hand-Feeds Snack To Gentle Golden Retriever

Jang_Paul Published August 14, 2018 34,172 Plays $27.25 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAmong the most adorable videos that the internet has to offer, dogs interacting with babies are definitely on the top. What makes those types of videos so special is that we always see dogs that would usually be excited and highly energized, act incredibly calm, gentle and protective around babies.

This extremely cute video perfectly illustrates the protective nature of such well-behaved dogs.

Here, we can see a beautiful Golden Retriever carefully interacting with the equally beautiful and incredibly sweet baby in front of him. Throughout the video, the baby is seen holding and offering a treat to the dog who appears to be very patient as he calmly approaches the baby's hand, sniffing and tasting the treat that is being offered to him. The dog remains perfectly calm as he observes the tiny baby, never exhibiting any sudden movements. He behaves wonderfully, indicating his gentle and protective personality that so many dogs possess.

However, why do dogs act so differently, namely so gently, around babies as opposed to their usual energetic behavior around adults?

There are many factors that contribute to this kind of behavior. Some of them lie in their innate maternal or paternal instinct that drives them to care for any young ones, whether animal or human. Dogs may use their highly powerful sense of smell to determine that the precious little baby in front of them is a human, and based on the size and certain features, may understand that it is, in fact, a small and harmless human baby, which, just as one of their own babies, needs special attention and care. Additionally, dogs are pack animals and will stay loyal to their owners whom they consider family and will always be protective of them. So, when introduced to a new pack member, they will accept and shower them with affection. Furthermore, the same way they would be extra gentle and caring around babies of their own kind, they may follow an instinct and try to care for and protect human babies as well. This may result in them not just approaching them with caution but also lie or sit beside them, always keeping a watchful eye, making sure that they stay safe at all times.

Though this is very common among many dogs, some may not be as optimistic and welcoming to a new family member. They might be highly territorial and will try to keep anyone new out of it. However, with proper training and patience, they can better their behavior as well. And soon enough, they will develop great trust and affection for their new playmates. This, in turn, will ensure a strong bond between dog and child and a loving friendship that will last for a long time.

The cute baby from this video has a future that will consist of lots of love and playful activities with their new best friend which will ensure the parents many more adorable moments to capture on camera that will surely brighten anyone's day upon seeing.