Beautiful Time Lapse Footage Of Northern Minnesota

Published August 13, 2018 81 Plays $0.19 earned

Rumble / Time LapsesAre you having a stressful day? Take a moment and enjoy the rolling clouds of a beautiful serene day in Northern Minnesota. This time-lapse video was taken on a beautiful day during the summer. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last long here and the harsh winter comes quickly and stays for a long time. But, thanks to videos, we can enjoy this beautiful summer day whenever we want. Enjoy!

Clouds seem to take on a life of their own in this time-lapse landscape drama from Minnesota. Where still life painters capture a single frame of the essence of a scene, in this dynamic interlude we see that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. The earth breathes, moves, is alive.

Everything has its own frequency. The sky is a low vibration, where the wind slowly pushes white cotton candy across a thick layer of the atmosphere. The surface of the water rings like a bell in shorter wavelengths. Docked watercraft sway mesmerizingly to and fro, like the pendulum of a wall clock. Imperceptibly slower is the very blue sky, itself, which seems not at all to change, and yet we know it must eventually give way to an orange sunset. The lowest vibration is the trees, solidly and unchangingly still and green. But, what if this time-lapse captured the entire cycle of the year? Would we not also see the change in them? Orchestrated together, it is a world symphony. We are transfixed by the dreamy scene, and yet the dream too quickly ends here. Even the video author concedes that summer is a vapid dream in the north.

The colors and shades are very subtle. Maybe some of us are drawn to different parts of the composition. I like the clouds, with their creamy textures and variation from white to dark gray. You may be drawn to the water, with its moving surface that reflects the sky. We see that the lake even seems to move more quickly than the sky reflected upon its surface. Sunlight spray paints the green trees on the horizon, which was green, then wan black, according to the whims of the moving clouds.

The scene is therapeutic, inducing a hypnotic calm that temporarily shuts out the noise from a tumultuous world outside our urban windows. In this way, a good nature video is not only artistic but may even be medicinal. Try to imagine such a scene while wearing virtual goggles. Not every virtual world need be a violent dystopia. Give us more of this!

We can only achieve such a composition with good equipment. A camera with video capability and high volume memory chip is needed, but it must have a setting that allows automatic snapshot at regular, predetermined intervals. The camera is, no doubt, mounted to a sturdy tripod. We hope the camera is either weatherproof or covered by some protector.

The camera artist here certainly demonstrates the gift of the presentation itself. We hope this person pursues the craft with fastidious diligence. Perhaps the genre only attracts a small target audience, but even niche audiences have a right to enjoy what they prefer to enjoy. This is subtle, introspective drama, which contrasts so oppositely to the near slapstick of funny and cute animal videos. No need to explain our preferences, and there is no need to apologize. Not everybody will be enamored of a tranquil lake scene, but for those of us who are, watching is its own reward.