Sweet Puppy Awakes From His Peaceful Sleep By Falling Off A Couch

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Published: August 13, 2018

Watch this video where Golden Retriever puppy called "Zeus" is sleeping peacefully on a sofa. It seems that Zeus is taking a nap but his sleep is interrupted when his owner tries to wake him up tickling his hairy and soft tummy. Although Zeus refuses to wake up, the puppy looks around and opens his eyes to verify that it is his owner who just wants to disturb him.

When Zeus lifts his face up and stretches comfortably, his head hangs off the sofa. Apparently he has thought of falling asleep like that in a very strange position. How flexible you are Zeus! However, he doesn’t hang for a long time when he realizes that he is about to fall, as the puppy could not help it ... Oh Zeus, you fell at the end! The first thing we would think is that with the fall Zeus would wake up at last, but the opposite happened - Zeus continued sleeping on the soft carpet on the floor. This puppy is so lazy!

His owner continues to caress him on the floor as a consolation for having caused in a certain way the fall of Zeus by interrupting his sweet dream; although we know that it was not his intention to provoke the fall of Zeus, even so the scene was quite funny. What an inconsiderate owner, he does not let Zeus sleep his restful nap after playing and running so much. Poor Zeus is very exhausted.
Seeing pets sleep is a temptation, because they look so helpless and calm. We can not judge the owner of Zeus for wanting to annoy a little bit this adorable fluffy puppy with an imposing name that does not dismisses the fact how gentle he is.

Zeus is an easy-to-love puppy and it is clear that his owner loves him so much that he can not bear to see him asleep and have to wait for his pooch to wake up and continue playing. It seems that Zeus is a very special puppy and the most spoiled one in the house.

This video is very adorable because this doggo looks like a furry stuffed animal that loves to sleep, although Golden Retrievers are known to be very intelligent and have lots of energy to play and share with their humans. So we know that this is just one facet of the exhausted Zeus and sleeping his nap like a normal puppy.

Golden Retrievers are very friendly and affectionate dogs and they love to be around people, so creating connections with humans will guarantee a faithful friend when they reach their maturity; something that is very beautiful in a relationship of canines and humans.

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