Boxer And Baby Share Adorably Precious Friendship

5 years ago

We love watching videos of young animals and how they play with little kids. Mainly, we love seeing how dogs become too protective of these children. Normally you would think it would be kind of dangerous letting big animals who are strong, with sometimes sharp nails, and a mouth full of big sharp teeth, play with a child but thankfully this boxer is nothing but gentle with this young girl. Dogs are very loyal pets and known for being “Man’s best friend.” Well, it definitely shows here how they become attached to people and show great kindness and love for a human. The licensor of the video states that you may fear not, this little baby girl definitely makes it known that she is unhappy.

“Linus the Boxer is a fun-loving, gentle dog who cares deeply for his family and sets the gold standard for playing with kids. This baby girl has never hesitated to quickly and loudly let her parents know when she is even slightly unhappy. If Linus were hurting or upsetting her in any way it would be clear!”

Linus, the dog in this video, clearly shows he is in love with this baby girl. Linus is a Boxer, a breed which is in fact known to be quite loving and affectionate as far as dogs go and they often work well with kids. They can be quite energetic and playful so no wonder Linus is having some fun playing with the little girl. Boxers are pretty muscular looking and some people might assume they are a violent breed due to their physique and their look. He might be like Pitbulls or other dog breeds that can get a bad rep, but this Boxer is all about having some fun with his friend.

As Linus and the little girl lay on the ground Linus begins to play with the little girl’s feet. The parents watch and are so enjoyed by their little girl having some fun with their dog. She seems to love it, it probably feels like a slight tickle as Linus licks her feet through her onesie. Even putting his mouth around her feet, like we have actually seen parents do to play with their child, it’s nothing dangerous. Don’t worry though, Linus made sure to put those big teeth of his away, no biting!

She looks like a baby who is beginning to learn how to crawl so she is still getting used to moving her knees and feet around, constantly putting them in Linus’s face while he moves his head around them and licks them! At some point she rolls to her side and Linus even copies this roll and lays face to face with her. He even lays on his back feet and arms in the air just like his little friend. Rolls around on his back and squirms just as she did when they were playing! Dogs are very intelligent creatures, they also know how to have a lot of fun. Linus eventually learns how to stop the flailing feet and is able to put them down to give them some licks!

As they play more Linus gets a bit tired and lays down for some rest but she’s ready to keep going. Unfortunately, Linus is still tired so the baby starts to let out her shrieks. Guess it’s time for her nap as well! Seeing dogs and kids play around is so cute, check this out if you’re a pet lover or just love cute videos!

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