Tim Scott — Trump Has Regained Some Moral Authority Since Last Year In Charlottesville

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Published: August 12, 2018

Scott on Sunday cited opportunity zone legislation, White House outreach to African-American pastors and business leaders, as well as Trump administration policies aimed at reducing unemployment and recidivism in the black community, as examples of how the president had moved the country in a "better direction."

He added that the Republican Party was still the party of former President Abraham Lincoln, despite being worried about racially-charged rhetoric on "both sides" of the political spectrum.

"I think we are going through some hard times, without any question," Scott said. "There are strong signs from the White House to ... both houses of Congress that we are making progress as the party of Lincoln. But the fact of the matter is that I'm more interested and more concerned with the progress of one nation and one American family than I am just the Republican Party."

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