De Blasio Says Trump Wouldn't Have Won Presidency Without Fox News

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Published: August 12, 2018

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio torched News Corp. Sunday, blaming the right-leaning media conglomerate founded by Rupert Murdoch for stoking the fiery racial rhetoric that helped elect President Trump.

"There is no Donald Trump without News Corp., I firmly believe that. He never gets to the presidency because he would have never been elevated the way he was consistently for years and years," De Blasio said during an interview with CNN's "Reliable Sources."

"I believe in a free strong media with diverse views," he continued. "I'll defend it with all I've got. But we have to be able to call out when a particular company has a corporate agenda, has a political agenda, and has very effectively changed the American discourse."

De Blasio added there would be "less overt hate" and fewer appeals "to racial division" without News Corp. television networks or publications, specifically citing Fox News and the New York Post. "They don't just dog whistle, they go a lot further than that," he said. "They put race front and center, and they try to stir the most negative impulses in this country."

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