Time-lapse of clouds at sunset

Published August 12, 2018

Rumble Shot on August 12, 2018, the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.

Altocumulus (Ac)
White or grey, or both white and grey, patch, sheet or layer of cloud, generally with shading, composed of laminae, rounded masses, rolls, etc., which are sometimes partly fibrous or diffuse and which may or may not be merged; most of the regularly arranged small elements usually have an apparent width between 1° and 5°.

Cirrus (Ci)
Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white or mostly white patches or narrow bands. These clouds have a fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both.

Cirrocumulus (Cc)
Thin, white patch, sheet or layer of cloud without shading, composed of very small elements in the form of grains, ripples, etc., merged or separate, and more or less regularly arranged; most of the elements have an apparent width of less than 1°.