Solar eclipse on August 11, 2018

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Rumble / Time LapsesAugust 11, 2018 was a new moon and a partial eclipse of the Sun, which could be observed in the north and east of Russia. However, the best visibility was for inhabitants of the circumpolar latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

A partial eclipse began at 11:02 in Moscow time near the island of Labrador in Canada, continued over Greenland and Iceland, and then in Northern Europe. Already at 11:40 Moscow time, the Moon's disc appeared over the territory of Russia, beginning with the Murmansk, the eclipse proceeded in the southeast direction - thus practically all the inhabitants of Russia, however, except for Chukotka, Kamchatka and the south-western territories, they could observe the latter in this year solar eclipse.
The maximum phase of the eclipse occurred at 12:46 near Wrangel Island, the eclipse ended over China at 14:31 Moscow time. In Moscow, the maximum phase could be observed at 12:36, reports the Moscow Planetarium.
This year this particular eclipse of the Sun is the third and last - the previous ones occurred on February 15 and July 13. It is worth recalling that to observe the eclipse with the unaided eye is dangerous for sight - special means of protection are needed.

Duration from (06:40 UTC) to (12:38 UTC)
From Russia, the Sun eclipsed to a maximum of 68%.