27 House Democrats Will Not Commit Support For Pelosi As Revolt Continues To Grow

WayneDupreeShow Published August 10, 2018 3 Plays

Rumble The Washington Post counts at least 27 Democratic House candidates who won't commit support. 

Another count published by NBC News says over 50 Democratic candidates and incumbents would not support Pelosi for speaker —should the party take back the 23-seat majority from Republicans. 

Rashida Tlaib, who just won a House Democratic primary in Michigan, was the latest to come out against Pelosi for speaker. 

“Probably not. That’s my answer, no. Probably not,” Tlaib said on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday when asked if she would support Pelosi in a vote for speaker. “For me, I need someone that, again, is connected with the different levels of poverty going on, the fact that there are structures and barriers for working families in my district that need to be dismantled, and supporting big banks and supporting efforts that I don’t think put the people first is troubling.”

Tlaib said constituents in the district she hopes to represent—the Detroit metro area—don’t feel like they are “being heard” in Washington.

“I think that starts at the top with leadership,” Tlaib said.