Newborn foal wants to play with nervous German Shepherd

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFelix is a newborn foal, born three weeks ago on a sunny morning on a beautiful farm near Peterborough, Ontario. He is the son of a mare named Fling who has an exceptional disposition. Relaxed and calm, confident and friendly, she has taught her baby to be the same. He approaches life, as well as people and animals, with curiosity and confidence. Jemma, the farm dog, is less confident, and she is nervous as the foal approaches her to make friends. He's only a baby, but he is large and moves quickly. She is understandably cautious when he tries to sniff her.

Felix is playful and he adopts the pose that says he wants a game of chase, or he'd like Jemma to join him in bouncing around the meadow. Jemma decides she's not in the mood and she makes a rapid retreat, startling Felix slightly.

Looking a little confused and rejected, he stares after her and then goes to his mother for the emotional security and a little milk that she offers.

Felix is still nursing, and although he will imitate her as she grazes and eats grass, he really doesn't understand why he's doing it and he isn't even able to digest the grass yet. Felix will spend the next few months close by Fling's side as he discovers the world around him and learns what is safe and what should be avoided.

With a little persistence, Felix will be able to start a friendship with Jemma. She is also a very relaxed and friendly dog once she gets over her initial hesitation.

Felix is a lucky foal to live on this gorgeous farm. He shares the meadows and pastures with other horses, cows, and dogs. He is well cared for and well loved and he will have plenty of exposure to animal loving people like Alison and Glenn, who own this little piece of paradise.


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    They will soon be the best of friends!

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