Maine Coon Challenges Dachshund For King Of The Bed Title

Published August 10, 2018 32,694 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsNaruto and Pepper battle it out for bed dominance in this hilarious video. When these two challenge each other, everyone wins!

Remember the old days when you would have little wrestling matches outside or on your bed with your siblings or friends? Those were great moments, seeing who was the strongest in the house all while on the comfort of a nice soft mattress.

Apparently, these two pets in this video wanted to put their strength to the test and see who would come out victorious. The strange thing about this matchup is that it features a dog, a brown Dachshund, and a cat, a Maine Coon. Luckily at the time of this bout, these two pets are around the same size so who knows, it’s anyone’s match!

We often see maybe two sibling dogs wrestling it out or maybe two cats, never seen a dog and cat. I would pick the dog as the early favorite.

Another interesting thing about these two is they are both hunting breeds. The Dachshund, you may know them as wiener dogs, are a hunting breed with a keen sense of smell and a body that stays low to the ground. This could prove very useful in its matchup with the cat as it will have some good leverage! The cat is of the Maine Coon breed and cats were historically used as hunters of rodents on prairies, and they are even naturally great for catching mice. Obviously different type of hunters, but both pets should be high energy animals.

The match starts out with the cat walling through the bookshelf to the bed with the dog already awaiting the cat. The dog knows the bed is its turf, and it’s willing to stand its ground. They sniff each other a little bit then the dog begins to throw the first push. The cat actually looks quite bigger and fluffier than the dog but it’s clear to see the dog isn’t afraid. This is such a funny and cute fight. They are both quick and small so it makes for great entertainment seeing their little bodies flail around. Much better than some recent boxing matches actually!

Some of the cutest parts of the video are when the cat stops for a little break and the dog stops the attack and just waits for the cat to catch its breath. The second the cat gets up from its break the dog pounces once, even knocking it clear off the bed at some points! The Dachshund is definitely getting some points for that one! Don’t think that means it is over for the cat, each time the cat comes back through the bookshelf, it comes ready and aggressive. The bookshelf seems to be the cat’s walkway back to the mattress arena!

After a couple more minutes of pushing and shoving, the match concludes. It seems the cat gets too tired and the aggressiveness of the Dachshund proves too much for the Maine Coon. It finally sits down once and for all while the dog just stalks it and watches. This was a very entertaining video and so cute seeing these little animals battle it out. Hopefully, they can still remain friends after all the fighting!