Penguin Walks The Runway For People On A Plane

AFV Published August 9, 2018 245 Plays

Rumble There are many funny things that can happen on a plane flight, but who would have ever expected to see a walking penguin? Well, I certainly wouldn’t, but that is exactly what happens in this video! LOL! It’s so funny that you must check it out! It seems that this flight has some very special, but quite unusual guests on it. Two adorable penguins were brought on this flight, and one of them is allowed to walk down the aisle so that everyone on that plane could take pictures and make videos. OMG! Just look how cute he is! He totally loves all the attention that he gets while he’s walking that aisle like it was a red carpet! LOL! He doesn’t mind the crowd and all the flashlights and acts like a real movie star. I bet if he could talk somehow, he would gladly stop and give an interview!