Light turns RED then school bus decides to go!!!

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Published: August 9, 2018Updated: August 10, 2018

Not looking to get anyone fired but this could have been a school bus carrying your children. As you see in the dashcam footage, the bus approaches the light behind a tractor trailer. He starts to stop as the light turns from yellow to red but then decided to hit the gas to run it. I understand that hitting a light can mean you will have to wait at the red for a minute or two but is it worth it? This intersection is no exception. I travel that road frequently and know how it is there. The light only seems to allow a few cars during each cycle which is why the bus driver probably decided to hit the gas. They are on a tight schedule so hitting the light would affect it. Recently there has been media coverage that says in some cases bus drivers don't even get bathroom breaks. Perhaps that was it? Also covered in the media were incidences of drivers actually wearing diapers! Wow. But in all cases, the drivers should put the safety of the children first. As a parent, I would completely understand the extra few minutes taking to ensure the safety of the kids. The van in this video definitely had children in it. It would have been a disaster if something had happened. Cars coming from the side are quick to go as well so this could have easily been bad. You can see that the bus actually attempted to break and could have actually stopped before getting to the white line. But instead of completely stopping, as the light was already red, he hit the gas to fly through the intersection. This is reckless and could have been a disaster if someone just as reckless was coming the other way. Listen folks, if you have to speed up to get through the intersection then you have no business trying to go through said intersection. Isn't this part of drivers ed 101?

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