Scaramucci — Ingraham's Comments Were un-American And Ignorant

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Rumble When asked about this in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, The Mooch said he liked Ingraham “as a person,” but said, “I’m super-not happy” with her comments.

He described it as the “same level of xenophobia” that immigrants like his Italian-American family faced in America decades ago, comparing Ingraham’s rhetoric to Father Charles Coughlin, the infamous 1930s radio host known for his anti-immigrant views.

“I’m not in love with it,” said the former Trump communications director. “I really wish she wouldn’t talk like that because it sounds ignorant, and it’s unfortunate, particularly if you know your grandparents’ immigration story or you yourself are an immigrant. I hope she walks it back, I hope she realizes that what she said is against American values that she’s supposedly touting.”

Blitzer followed up by asking if he thinks Ingraham will walk back her comments when that kind of language resonates with the audience she shares with President Donald Trump. Scaramucci argued that most Trump supporters are not nativists or xenophobes.

“I really think it’s un-American. By and large, most Americans are great people and they don’t like that sort of nonsense.”