Humpback Whale Astonishes Kayakers Near Fox Island

ViralHogPublished: August 9, 2018
Published: August 9, 2018

Occurred on July 2018 / Seward, Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was kayaking with co-guide, Andrew Smith, near Fox Island, just outside of Seward, Alaska. We had the morning off and had heard of Orcas near Rugged Island and decided to pursue that direction. As we were paddling out, we saw a familiar humpback whale breaching many times far off in the distance. As we were in between Hive and Fox island, we were able to get close to this whale a few times, doing a sounding dive within paddle reach of Andrew's kayak. Excited by how close we were getting, and also needing to head back for our afternoon trip, we decided to turn back north. The whale came up next to us a few more times and continued to maneuver sideways and even underneath our kayaks. Thankfully, I had my phone ready as can be seen in the video as he manoeuvred sideways through the water right in front of me in my kayak. My heart was definitely pounding!"

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