Newfoundland learns to bring item from child to mom

brenmichellePublished: August 9, 2018Updated: August 10, 2018338 plays$0.45 earned
Published: August 9, 2018Updated: August 10, 2018

Samson the 160 pound Newfoundland dog has learned to bring items from his little best friend Sierra to her mom. This uses different skills than simple retrieving because he is not returning it to the same person. Samson is only two years old but gaining much understanding and also enjoys doing tasks like this because he is a working breed and thrives when he is given jobs. Before taking the item to Mom, Samson was dutifully watching Sierra in the pool and is always in that position when she swims. Although he has not been trained yet, this breed is known for their water rescue and hopefully someday Samson will be an expert water rescue dog. For now, his instincts seem to be enough for him to know to keep an eye on his best friend. That is, when he isn’t sidetracked by Mom asking him to bring her things!

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