A Woman Pushes A Cat In A Box Across The Floor

AFVViralsPublished: August 9, 201816 views
Published: August 9, 2018

We all know how much cats love boxes! It seems like they are absolutely bewitched by those square-shaped objects they can crawl into and hide, or just play with. But, the one in this video really brings the game to a whole new level. She is so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable little kitten cat who loves boxes just like every other member of her feline family. But, unlike the rest of them, she loves to get into the box, and then let her lady owner pushes the box around while she just sits in and enjoys her ride! OMG, just look at her! She is definitely the most conformist cat I have ever seen! LOL! She gets all the fun while the others do the work and entertains her! She is just like a true diva, isn’t she? LOL!

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