Taking A Break From Work To Catch Some Waves

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Published: August 8, 2018

A nice day at the beach, or is it? A group of shop workers make the most of a rainy day and create some waves of their own.

The video starts with what at first glance looks like two people standing on a beach, watching as the waves gently lap their feet. It looks like the light from the sun is reflecting in the water, and there are bubbles swirling on the surface of the water as the waves come on to the beach.

At first you may wonder, why are two people wearing work overalls, and protective boots at the beach. After all, going barefoot or wearing flip flops would have been far more suitable attire for going into in the sand and surf.

Around the five second mark, you see a wave that looks suspiciously unnatural and seems more like a splash of water than a wave. At around the seven second mark, it becomes clear what is happening. It is not a beach that we have been looking at, but a workshop floor that has been flooded by water. The waves we have been watching were not waves at all, just water being mopped up by one of the workers.

The man with the mop certainly looks like he is enjoying himself and making excellent use of a large mop to create the illusion of waves on the shop floor. It appears three guys have taken it upon themselves to make the most of a bad situation and have decided to have a little bit of fun with the excess the water that has decided to make their workshop its home. The person filming the video also did a good job of filming the waves and managing to avoid getting the mop in the shot. It looks like none of them seem particularly bothered by the newly formed body of water flowing through their workshop and seem to be quite amused with the lake that has formed on what was once their shop floor.

It is a rather clever illusion that almost has you fooled. Due to the reflection of the light from the ceiling, the bubbles, and the sandy colour of the floor, it really does look like you are watching waves lapping the shore of a beach. If it wasn’t for the protective boots and the workwear, you might have almost really believed that the video was filmed by a couple of people enjoying a day at the beach.

While most people would usually be angry or dismayed about a situation like this, the playful and childlike behaviour that these guys have put on this play is worthy of admiration. After all, there really is not much you can do in a situation like this, so why not make the most of it and have some fun.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We think the three guys in the video have taken this to heart and have produced an amusing video as a result.

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