Compilation Of Dalmatians That Proves How Funny Dogs Can Be

Published August 8, 2018 892 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFrom lizards to mammals, from birds to amphibians, the animal kingdom is full of super cute creatures that are all around us and because we live in the rat race and in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we rarely stop to contemplate the beauty of nature. With the modern life of fancy mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the outside world has somehow become of second or no importance to us. Instead of going out in nature and turn on the button of inquisitiveness and curiosity, we spend our free time being couch potatoes in the confinements of our flats. So, it’s a great idea that all those digital devices that play a central role in our hectic lives and take one hundred percent of our time to be replaced with the wonders of animals that surround us.

We can’t deny that we all have at least a park, a field, a hill or a mountain near the place we live and we can kill time by actually exploring all these places. Maybe the compilation that you are going to see, will serve like a motive and a reminder to hang out more with animals in nature and the antics they can offer. It is not only beneficial for your health, but having an animal by your side will make the gloomiest day sunny and the hardships of life more bearable. They raise the serotonin levels in our bodies. This compilation is of Dalmatians and we are sure it will put a smile on your face or at least it will provoke positive feelings.

Check out the very best collection of Dalmatian clips that show just how awesome this breed of dog really is! Zoey smiles in a slow motion and she thinks she has the main role in Tarantino movie, twisting her head like a real star. Another Dalmatian pooch is obviously enjoying to spend his free time, or maybe his whole time, with adorable foster kittens. You were wrong if you thought that cats and dogs can’t be friends. Look at this doggo and you will see that not only he handles the cats with care, he is gentle and doesn’t want to harm them in any single way. He just wants to rub his back off the pillow and be as silly as possible.

When it comes to inter-species friendships, Dalmatian and a rabbit is a real hit. Just look how peacefully they nibble carrots, one for each. Let’s place a bet, who will be faster, ha? The one who devours the carrot like it is the most savory meat dish in the world? Who knows, maybe doomsday is coming so let’s just enjoy! How about singing, friends? This Dalmatian is the happiest singing dude ever. He has diligently placed himself next to his human friend and he loves accompanying her playing the piano. Listen to those high-pitched notes! Don’t you wish to put up the volume of your speakers just to be able to enjoy his singing to the fullest? You see, It’s a rare opportunity, don’t miss it!

Oh my, those stuffed animals! They give this dog a real headache. How should he behave? Angry, friendly or reserved? Nobody is around to tell him, so he has to figure it by himself. This out-of-nowhere dog just confuses him. Ready to punce or stay back? We will never know for sure.