Boys And Girls Race On Long Boards In Summer Competition

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Published: August 8, 2018

Summertime, don’t you just love this time of year? It might get hot, but it’s the perfect time for swimming, barbeques, hanging out with friends. When you are a kid it is even better with no school and staying up late, but summer is fun no matter what age you are. Think about all the summer barbeques that take place. So much good food and so many fun moments hanging out with friends and having some fun group activities. Maybe some family competitions like potato sack races maybe a sport like a volleyball. If you are the family or group of friends like the people in this video, maybe even some board racing! This was something we have never heard of or seen, so this was quite a treat for use. Maybe we can even add it to the list of activities we can do with our friends at our next barbeque gathering. We can clearly see from the video that this is a lot of fun and definitely looks like it is bringing a lot of laughs!

The group in this video decides to make it boys versus girls competition. These are always so fun because at the end of it you have bragging rights over the other group. The game starts out with 2 boards for each team. They use a longboard, long enough that 4 people can stand on it with one foot on each board. The boards each have for straps so you can slide your feet through. All four people are supposed to stand on it at once and your feet are supposed to be strapped in so you can walk. The idea is it looks like a long ski that 4 people can stand on.

Both teams have 4 people on these “skis” and their goal is to start at the same spot and they have a finish line some feet away and whoever makes it to the finish first wins. Sounds easy enough but this game is all about unison and coordination. Everyone lifts up their right leg at once, thus moving the right ski forward, then moving their left legs forward.

The video starts with everyone getting in their positions on the board. Of course, the women are all ready and prepared in their spots, feet nice and strapped to the boards, while the men are still trying to get situated. It definitely seems like some drinks may have been consumed at this barbeque! This can be seen as soon as the competition begins! The words, “Ready, set, go!” are said and immediately the man in the back is falling off the boards! The women employ a great strategy where they put both hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Great idea for keeping your balance. As the women take off, the men are struggling with only 3 people on their boards and then the frontman falls forwards as well. In the meanwhile, the women coast to the victory while more of the guys fall and they don’t even move anymore. This is some great summer fun and provided some great laughs to all the audience and the people involved.

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