One Smart Doggo Shows Us How He Manages Things

AFVViralsPublished: August 8, 2018
Published: August 8, 2018

Manageability is something every person should have as a personal trait. The ability to cope with every possible situation that comes on our way can be really convenient. I always admired those people. My grandmother was like that, she could make the best out of every situation.\n\nThis dog from the video has those powers too! LOL! Just watch, and you will see how he manages to overcome the obstacle. As the video begins, we see a cute, older dog walking around the room. We see him how he moves underneath it and pushes it to the higher and more comfortable looking chair. What a master of resourcefulness! LOL! I think, as he is pretty small, he had to learn how to manage around without asking for help. He is one independent doggy! LOL! \n\nWe should follow his example and try to be as smart as he is. Would you agree with me?

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