Clever Shiba Inu Outsmarts Friend In Order To Steal Cup

Pinchik Published August 7, 2018 14,365 Plays $17.85 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis cunning Shiba Inu distracts another Shiba Inu so that it can successfully steal an empty yogurt cup and run away with it. So smart!

What fun it is to see cute dogs playing around and messing with each other! We love seeing how pets interact with each other and how they like to tease each other. This reminds us so much of relationships with your siblings when you were younger. Messing with them for no reason, playing tricks on them, taking their toys. In this case, one of the dogs sees something he wants that the other dog has. It is going to have to be a sneaky dog if it wants to get its paws on that yogurt cup though! Its friend has got a pretty good hold on it and will not be letting go of it that easy!

The video starts with 2 beautiful Shiba Inus on some grass, maybe at a dog park. One Shiba Inu has a more common brown color and the other a nice white coat. Shiba Inus are one of the original species of dog that come from Japan. They are about medium size with a stocky and strong looking build. They were once long ago used primarily for hunting so they are definitely an energetic and active dog. They are very independent dogs who love to have a bit of fun and play around.

This definitely matches up with these two Shibas and how they are running around full of energy. They’re hanging out on the grass and the Shiba with the white coat is minding himself eating the remains of an empty yogurt cup. The culprit for today, the Shiba with the brown fur, sees something he likes. It, unfortunately, has no yogurt and left on the outside watching as his buddy goes to town on this empty cup. Our brown Shiba knows its friend will probably not be sharing with it and it can’t just dive in there and join in. The brown Shiba has got to think quick, what is the best way to get this yogurt cup. It comes up with a distraction plan!

As white coat eats and minds his business, the brown fur Shiba lets out a high pitched bark, one that will definitely get the other Shibas attention. As the white Shiba gets up and looks toward its friend, it leaves its yogurt unattended, the perfect time to strike! The brown Shiba runs around in a circle, gets the other dog confused and wings back around to pull off the ultimate heist. After finally laying its paws on the yogurt and running off, the white Shiba is left in confusion. This is my favorite part of the video just the stillness on the white Shiba as it can’t believe what in the world just happened. Such a cute moment as it finally realizes that its buddy just took off with the yogurt, time to go on the chase! The dogs run around a bit more and it is just so satisfying seeing two dogs so full of energy playing around. The white Shiba must feel so betrayed!

This video is a must watch for any dog lovers or heist movie watchers!