Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton — FBI Made 11 Payments To Christopher Steele

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Published: August 7, 2018

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on Fox & Friends on Fox News to discuss Judicial Watch’s lawsuits that forced the FBI to release 70 pages of heavily redacted documents tied to the FBI’s relationship with Christopher Steele – the author of the Clinton/DNC-funded Dossier:

“Judicial Watch uncovered 70 pages of heavily redacted documents showing the shady cash-based relationship between the Comey FBI and Christopher Steele who at the same time was working for the Clinton / DNC-funded Fusion GPS to dig up fake dirt on then-candidate Trump. Pretty extraordinary stuff.

It’s one thing to hear in news articles that Christopher Steele had been paid by the FBI, but here we have the documents showing he met with the FBI at least thirteen times during the 2016 campaign season – with eleven of those times resulting in cash payments. So he’s getting money from the Clinton campaign and he’s also getting money from the FBI.

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